A Little Bit About Me...A Little Bit About Me...

Ten years ago, my digital camera, with high quality lens and close-up capabilities, became a window to marvelous visual discoveries. Through the lens of the camera, I took a closer look at things encountered and found marvelous intricacies, hidden geometries, textures and beauty.

My photographs are expressions of what I see.

Although I enjoy many categories of photographic subjects, waters and flowers are my primary fascinations. I am most comfortable when I am photographing waterfalls, reflective ponds, blooms and gardens.

It is with great pleasure that I see others enjoying my photos and becoming inspired to search for their own visual treasures.

I will soon celebrate ten years in digital photography. My photos were displayed at the Photokina 2004 exposition in Cologne, Germany as examples of the capability of the Sigma digital camera. My work was first displayed locally as the featured photographer at Jay Street Fine Arts Supply as November 2008 "Arts Night Schenectady" artist of the night and continued to be on display during November and December. Since then I have participated in several art shows and two works were selected to be included in the 2009-2010 Arkell Museum annual juried art show.

I am one of two primary photographers for the Capital District Garden and Flower Show and have also photographed numerous special events in the Capital District. Active in basset hound rescue, one of my favorite photographic pursuits is capturing impromptu moments at basset hound events. A number of my photographs appeared in the October 2009 issue of the American Kennel Club national magazine.